Bombardier locomotives - CFF/SBB Lok 2000 (ABB / SLM)                                                                                       
1992 (more photos : click on underlined blue links)

A SBB machine from 1992 as a pre-TRAXX? Yes indeed. It was the beginning of a new concept introduced initially by ABB/BBC/SLM, bought by Bombardier. The Re460 is the first family member of Lok 2000 concept and she appear in the historic fleet of the manufacturer. Its conception follows a call for tender launched in 1990 by SBB for the renewal of its locomotives fleet: Siemens/Krauss-Maffei proposed an "E12" while ABB/BBC/SLM invented a UIC version of the Re4/4. The second was chosen.

Compared with the past years, significant improvements in power electronics were made. In the early 1980s, semiconductor devices were used to increased traction motor powers: since the years 1990, GTO are used for very high power motors and enable a simplified power schemes, toward the development of a asynchronous power train. The mission of this locomotive: towing a passenger train of 650 tonnes (13 cars) at 80 km/h on a ramp with gradient of 27 ‰ and a freight train of 650 tonnes at 75 km/h on a ramp with gradient of 27 ‰.

To achieve this, the power train includes four-phase asynchronous motors suspended by small connecting rods to reduce stress on the track. The power scheme comprises two single-phase GTO bridge and one inverter per bogie. Semiconductors are cooled by oil circulation.  This locomotive has a transmission by quill drive and the two bogies have radiant axles, providing a power of 6100kW.

119 locomotives were acquired by SBB and 18 of the same technology by the private company BLS. The ABB implantation in Scandinavia has maybe facilitated the sale of similar devices in Norway and Finland, but not in Sweden. Two machines were also sold on a line of the MTR network, in Hong Kong. A wide conversion plan is expected by the SBB in 2015 for all Re460.
Class 460 080-5 of CFF/SBB at station Zürich-Hbf, 14 june 2014 (photo Nik Morris (van Leiden)_via Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
Norwegian and Finnish have also acquired many Lok 2000. Here at Otta, in july 2009 (photo Steve Selwood via flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)