Bombardier locomotives - 12X project (AEG / ADtranz)                                                                                       
1994 (more photos : click on underlined blue links)

This is the project for DB in 1994, which wanted a machine to succeed to the BR120, hence the name of 12 X, the "X" being a number from 1 to 9 to choose.

It's AEG who built this unique experimental model for demonstration, which was numbered 225000 and that DB authorized to test and designated as class BR128, although the locomotive remained the property of AEG. This locomotive was created to reach 250km/h and achieved a maximum speed of 330km/h on the working bench. During the evaluation period, numerous modifications to the machine were taken.  
Many technical solutions introduced in the 12X have largely contributed to the design of the new family of Bombardier TRAXX locomotives. After the merger of AEG in 1996 with ABB / Daimler-Benz Transportation, the locomotive was transferred in September of the same year in the former ABB factory in Zurich Oerlikon. She received a new electrical equipment with IGBT power converters, while the auxiliary system and the original brake system were maintained. The body shell shows clearly the design of future TRAXX locomotives. In February 1997, the locomotive was put into service and after many tests, she was assigned to the depot of DB Cargo in Nuremberg (now DB Schenker Rail) and was integrated into the pool of Adtranz locomotives, then be briefly used in 2000 between BASF Ludwigshafen and Basel Ruhland. She was repaired following a default and was again used as an experimental machine to test new technologies on the drivetrain. The 12X was then integrated into the pool of Bombardier following the acquisition of Adtranz and its last use led her to transfer TRAXX locomotives for a series of tests to Switzerland. 
The class 128 001-5 has largely contributed for advertising for the manufacturer AEG and his owner Adtranz, then finally Bombardier. Since 2010, the locomotive is no longer permitted to traffic and was finally parked in Hennigsdorf before his transferring in February 2014 at Weimar, where she remains on permanent loan to the Association of Thuringia Railways, and permanently exposed to the railway Museum in Weimar. 

ADtranz class 128 001-5 at Trier for tests in 1996. The TRAXX design become clearly apparent  (par Cobatfor via Wikipedia_CC BY-SA 3.0)
The same "12X" 128 001-5 at Bombardier Transportation Hennigsdorf (photo and thanks to Ray Kippig)