Bombardier locomotives - DBAG BR101 (ABB-Henschel/ADtranz)                                                                                       
1996 - 1999 (photos : click on underlined blue links)
Begin 90's, the german DB wished to renew his fleet of locomotives, despite the arrival of a wide fleet of InterCity Express (ICE). In 1992, ABB-Henschel has modified two locomotives class 120 (120 004 and 005), in order to test new technologies in the drivetrain through its new concept "Eco 2000". The 120 005 received new power converters based on GTO thyristors and a new on-board electronics and while the 120,004 received bogies "Flexifloat" with radiant axles. In 1994, the company presented the results of its testing and DB chooses in July 1995 to purchase 145 new locomotives intended to work under voltage 15kV.

The new series 101 of the DB benefits from the experience gained on SBB Re 460 as previously described. Moreover, we find there a body shell with the rocker panels also pronounced than Re 460, while the exterior design of the cabins is getting close to the coming TRAXX. Furthermore, the class 101 have an improved traction control, with control of each of the four motors, and significant improvements are introduced to the braking, to a less noisy ventilation and to the transformer which is now cooled by a  biodegradable xxx
Class 101 121-2 at Duisburg-Hbf in june 2013. A body shell with the rocker panels also pronounced than the Lok2000 (photo
fluid instead of oil. A diagnostic system is integrated to facilitate online troubleshooting. These engines, delivered in July 1996 under ADtranz, began their service on March 1997 and were assigned to the depot of Hamburg Eidelstedt to the best IC / EC trains services with a rate of 1500 km/day. The class BR 101 will not cross the German borders and will not sold in Europe such as the Re460.

In 1996, early in their delivery, ADtranz was born from the merger of ABB-Henschel with AEG, and then in 2001, Bombardier Transportation bought Adtranz but already thinking to restructure all of its acquisitions, and to prepare a unified locomotive platform which is based on the cumulative experiences of the class12X and Eco 2000...
Class 101 007-3 passing Salzbergen the 1st july 2013  (photo Peters452002 via flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)