Bombardier locomotives - Eco2000 platform (ADtranz) EU43-E412                                                                                       
1996 - 2001 Eco2000 concept (ADtranz)
The platform Eco2000 ADtranz has involved the development and production of a large fleet of locomotives for the Polish railways and the Italian railways. The common element is that locomotives work under catenary voltage 3 kV DC, unlike the BR101 "AC" described on the previous page. The "DC" series can be divided into three distinct groups: E112 / E412 / EU43, EU11 / E405 and E464. The Eco2000 concept also comprises a diesel version presented later.

1) 1996 - 1998 E112/E412/EU43 dual AC/DC
The first 20 machines are two-voltage DC/AC engines and were developed under the E412 series. They result from a contract signed in 1993 by the Italian , Austria and Germany railways to operate of the Brenner line under catenary 15 kV AC and 3 kV DC.
Above : class  E412-004 which the faces are different of the future TRAXX, the 16 july 2009 at Villach (ph. greg92_09 via flickr -CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) On left, 2 of the 8 machines originally intended for the Polish PKP and ultimately sold to the Rail Traction Company (RTC), a italian private firm which is active on the Brenner (ph. Tirolix - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
The first machine was delivered on 14 April 1997 and spent the preliminary tests successfully. At the same time, PKP Polish Railways had ordered eight two-voltage engines built in Wroclaw under the class EU43. They circulated on a short time between Warsaw and Berlin before the cancellation of the contract which resulted with a transfer of the 8 machines in Italy for a takeover by the private company RTC. The complete reception of the 28 locomotives enabled Bombardier to benefit from valuable experience of DC catenary for the future. Note that the design of the body shell must be not confuse with the rival class BR189 from Siemens.
These machines with a weight of 88.7T develop a power of 6000kW which gradually become the standard of European traction. The serie is dedicated both to passenger and  freight trains.