Bombardier locomotives - Eco2000 platform (ADtranz) E405                                                                                       
2) 1998 - 2002 EU11/E405 monotension

These machines are exclusively equipped with a 3kV DC power scheme and comes from the concepts of E412 previously described, to which they have a common history. They were indeed ordered by the Polish PKP but as the contract was broken, it was in Italy that the 42 engines were transferred during May 2003. Some machines arrived with the colorful design of the PKP before application of the Trenitalia livery. Locomotives E405 are normally used for freight trains on the Brenner route, but you can them see sometimes leading some special trains such as VSOE or the german "Autozug".
Above : class  E405-025 at Brennero, 27 august 2011  (thanks to  Daniel Wirtz for his picture)

On left, class E405-003 at station Verona quadrante Europa on 28 march 2010 (thanks to Riccardo Fogagnolo for his picture)