Bombardier locomotives - Eco2000 platform diesel DE2000 (ADtranz)                                                         
1998 - diesel-electric DE2000
ADtranz has not been content to work for electric traction. A diesel version of the Eco 2000 concept was also produced. It has ultimately concerned that the only Greek railways OSE (Organismós Sidirodrómon Elládos) : 
ADtranz has received in 1995 an order for 26 locomotives that are derived from the EU43 / E412 Eco2000 concept, the platform previously described. They are diesel-electric for the needs of the Greek network but have the distinction of having been designed to be convertible later with an 5.5 MW electric power train. This modularity is ultimately not used due to the extreme slowness of the electrification of the network and the major financial problems that knows this state ... 10 additional units were again acquired in 2003-2004 to form thereby the most modern fleet of OSE during years 2000.
Class 220-028 at Strimonokhori, 21 april 2010 (photo from Philstephenrichard via flickr licence CC BY-SA 2.0))
From ADtranz to Bombardier
The DE2000 constitute closure of the Eco 2000 concept from ADtranz and 10 years of history on which the rich experiences gained from the SBB Re460 to the EU43 and EU11 have largely served to prepare the design of a future modular platform in 2000: the Octeon platform. It slowly approaches to the TRAXX platform but we are not really there yet.
Class 220-019 at Thessaloniki station, 13 may 2008 (photo from K Krallis via wikipedia licence BY-SA 3.0)